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With our shop local marketplaces, you can give your small business a local boost. Many people would prefer to shop local but don't know where to go, we aim to be that place to go.

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With no registration fees or recurring monthly charges, you will only pay when you make a sale.

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Do you have an extra special product you just can't wait for everyone to see? You can have your products featured in a prime location on the marketplace and on our social media cahnnels.

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You won't have to decide which of your products to list on our marketplaces, we want you to have the freedom to show off all your products in one place.

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We started MyLocal Gifts with a simple aim, connect people with small independent businesses.

To do this when you sign up to one of our county shop local marketplaces, we check who you are, what you do and where your business is based.

This ensures we can provide a truly local experience for your customers.

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Wiltshire Gifts gave Nadine the confidance to sell online

Hi my name is Nadine and I am the creator of Flutterby Flower Fairies. I am a stay at home mum who was looking for a way to earn while still being able to be at home for my daughter and her needs.

I started with my little flower Fairies and have slowly started to learn new skills and now enjoy Decoupage, as well as my newest hobby of Vinyl Design.

I have loved the journey from turning something I did to pass time in to becoming my own boss.


Flutterby Flower Fairy's


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We have more on the way, if you would like to get a shop local marketplace setup in your county, use the form below to suggest it.

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With a desire to shop local at an all time high, you can give your busniess a local boost with a shop local marketplace near you.

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